When I first heard that we had to do blogging and it was public. I really didn’t want to do it because I never shared my writing with other people except my teachers who had to grade my work. I always liked writing down stuffs and it was fun. But doing blogging was on a different level, the first essay in English class the instructor had to choose the topic we had to write about it and someone of them I didn’t like it because it was long and boring, and it wasn’t something I would read. I enjoyed posting on the blog and thank you those who read this blog.

Thank you.



I always wanted to travel around the world. A place where English isn’t the main language so I can try to fit in with the people. I don’t really have a place where i want to visit, but there’s islands around the world and I want to go every one of them. When you travel you can learn a lot from them and you will see how we are different from each other. Food, cultures, dance!!!, songs and a lot more. Islands and waterfall always gets my attention, especially islands in around Asia. I always wanted to travel because my family didn’t travel at all.

My parents were working all the time so they didn’t have time to travel around. I want to go Asia because of the k pop groups, I want to attend one of their concerts of any groups. Also monuments and museum. The museum I went was in Kenya and I really liked it. They had a lot of animals and skulls fr animals I never. You can say it’s one of my my dreams to travel around the world. I never had money to travel, well I didn’t want to use my parents money to travel while they were working hard to earn our livings. Now I have a job and pay for college so when I graduate I might travel a little and maybe photograph the places I go and I can earn money from that?!!.

All my childhood I lived an ordinary life, doing nothing and depending on my parents. I .so I wanted to change and travel to see the world with my own eyes. I have a lot of dreams which can’t be fulfilled but I really want to travel around.When I earn enough money and graduate I will fulfill my dreams.


If you ask people what is your favorite song? What do you prefer to listen? You won’t get the same answers you would like to expect. Some people might have the same taste in music but not usually. Every year there are songs that becomes a big a hit for the whole year, and that people are doing the dance to challenge each other in social media. This year was “feelings by drake”, “without me by Halsey”, and a lot more. some other people make their own choreography and challenge other to do it. And there are some famous dance studios participate in too.

I am a Somali, and people expect me to listen to Somali songs. I would like to listen to Somali songs, but I grew up in Kenya and my Somali is not that bad, all most there. Well let’s say modern and historical. You can say my Somali is the modern. And am the one person you wouldn’t like me to translate Somali for you. I know few Somali songs but I can’t get meaning of the words. But I really like Somali songs. And Somali are so hype that you dance to the songs.

Well if you don’t listen to Somali songs then what do you listen to?. Oh I will tell you what I listen to. First of all, I was never interested in songs but my older siblings liked listening to Kenyan songs and I was interested in it. As I get older I listened to all kinda song; Hindi, Kenyan, Spanish, and mostly Korean. Mostly people would ask me how can you listen to songs that you can’t understand. Well in Kenya I used to watch comedy shows and Hindi. Mostly Hindi and I lived in Kenya for 11 years, watching Hindi and I didn’t even subtitles to watch them. And every movie had songs in it. And Kenyan songs it’s was easy to understand it since it was the main language there. But when we moved to the U.S there wasn’t any movies to watch. so we had to watched the comedy show called “Churchill show” it was easy to find it since its popular around the world.

Korean songs, i don’t even know why i liked it. i was scrolling around when i saw a group Big Bang i was watching them dance to their song called “fantastic baby”. Since then i have listened k-pop, i liked Big Bang but also watched other groups band. Since i then i watched the night shows they appear on and follow their songs. And become their fan, and now they went to the army and waiting for their comeback.

Enjoy learning new things and other cultures because it makes you closer to other peoples.


The next blog tour:https://futureofficerbahr.wordpress.com

After going through her blog without every reading and looking at the heading, skimming, you will see that she’s interested in being a police officer. She tells us about stories about police officers, retired, from those who died bravely and more. Most of the stories she told us I didn’t even know they existed.

I read the story of the officer called Jermey Henwood. She said that he was age 36 and worked at San Diego police department for 4 years and was also a captain Marine corps of the U.S. After he’s shift he decided to eat at McDonalds and as he was sitting at his patrol car he was shot with a shotgun. And she didn’t like those who think that every police who carrying a badge is a bad people.

I liked the story of the officer called Saladin. He becomes friends with a six year old kid. The kid suffers from genetic disorder. He was born without sweat glands so he can’t handle when the weather is too hot. So he couldn’t play with the other kids so the officer became friends with him so the kid won’t feel lonely.

I think she reads police websites frequently or how else would she know all this. Every topic she talks about is detailed and even tells you about he websites she found it. After sharing the information with us she tells us about what she thinks about it.

I think she had a good heart sharing stories, of those who lost their lives protection us and those who are kind to make kid happy even when it’s not their duty to do so.


My first blog tour is https://hallekruse.home.blog/

Her blog is interesting and easy to read. I really like how she wrote the paragraphs (like a poem), not long but it gets you attention. “The joy of mom’s cooking” she talked about a girl who missed her mom’s cooking so she tried cooking for herself but ended up starting  a fire. “How is it that moms always know how to do everything? You rarely see them mess up, especially when it comes to cooking” it’s true, so far i haven’t seen my mom burning food or not cooking for us daily. even when she is mad a mom never forget to feed their children. And she felt connected to her because she is also knew that she was going leave for college soon and will miss her moms cooking.  But also knew that she won’t live with her parents forever since she will be leaving for college soon. she had to become independent.

Who I follow: in this one she’s talking about social media. Her free time she likes exploring social media to find what she wants to do in the future. She wants to grow her followers in the blog. And also says a way to make your blog more popular , you should connect it with social Media like Instagram and Pinterest. They are popular and also her favorite. She also noticed that most of the bloggers have YouTube channels and she would like to start a YouTube channel but she’s not a social person. She’s not comfortable taking videos and mostly she doesn’t have free time because she’s dedicated in staying school.

I really liked reading this blog. She’s good at getting my attention and I think others might as well focus on her blog. In the future I think she might have achieve her goal if she keeps on going on without giving up.


Everyone thinks that girls and boys should dress up at certain age. Our parents chose out clothes when we were kids. And we liked everything they bought for us. We didn’t bother with the popular trends or designs. In my religion girls are supposed to cover her whole body, except her hands and face. We are not supposed to show the figure or curves on our body. It is difficult to find long dresses without having revealing parts, the back or the sides. The shirts I like have cuts on the edges and the jeans I like have holes. It was annoying to find any clothes that I could really wear and be comfortable with it. So I stopped dressing up and just wore, hoodies with skirts or long dresses which I wore hoodies on top. Everywhere I went I had a hoodie with me. But it was annoying that I had to dress up for weddings and special occasions which I don’t like going or celebrating. “And my girls at my age should dress up” that’s what my sisters tell me to do. They show me clothes which no longer interests me. But I have been trying to dress up, sometimes when I feel like it, also I don’t want to because am lazy. So it doesn’t matter if girls choose to wear pants or dresses. Everybody have their own different tastes in everything. So it doesn’t matter how you dress up. I just prefer hoodies than dresses. Just wear what makes you comfortable.

I don’t care if you wear revealing clothes or hijab like me but let me tell you that all that matters is your personalities and how you treat others. I don’t care how you dress up but respect what others like to wear like you respect yourself.


If you ask many of us, why do you like to read? Their answer will be because it develops our minds, the way our minds grow, and develop language skills,etc. Each of us have different views on how we see books. I started reading books, well most of us will be when we were kids and we had to sit in a circle and listen to our teachers read (elementary). Yep at that age our teachers will just choose a book and read to us which was fun than reading alone. And they got our attention so easily by acting the book, like the lion rawrrrred!!!!! And we all get frightened and just laughed. Just thinking about it, it was the days I liked reading the most.

but when I reached middle school it wasn’t as fun as before and my whole view of “reading for fun” changed to “reading for class”. So each of had to read aloud to the class and we had papers to fill with answers about the book we are reading. So it become I had to read so I can pass my class. I finished middle school just reading books my teacher chose for me and answered the questions. In high school I didn’t care at all. But my English teacher made me like reading books more. Why? Because I chose the book I wanted to read, but everything else was similar. Everything teacher wanted us to answer the questions they prepared for us. After high school, I took one year off from college. At that time I did have books but they were not interesting to me. But one day as I was strolling on the internet I found a web called webnovel, at first I didn’t what it was so I just started reading. The first story was a girl who died and was reincarnated. She wanted to take revenge on those who bullied her. I liked the story and it was the kinda book I would read. So I stopped reading books and started reading the web, comics and manga. It was one year ago but I still have the web and read it.

So instead of reading the books others gave you. Try choosing the book you would like to read and interests you. And don’t read for others but try reading every book for “fun” instead of reading for the “class”.


What is blogging? We all have different answers and opinions, on how we think about blogs. As we all know blogs became part of online culture and important part of the online landscape. The first blog was recognized as links.net it was created by (Justin hall). A college student in Swarthmore college in Pennsylvania student in 1991. He referred to it as his personal homepage,(Justin’s links from the underground), where he was just sharing details about his life with his readers-his fellow students. After blogging become famous, different “blogging” platforms cropped out. But the problem was that the original blogs were linked from a central homepage or archive unless you were a programmer who could create your own custom blogging platform, and there weren’t any other options to begin with. Even famous political candidate started using blogs during their period, like Howard Dean he was using it as a campaign blog. He posted about the updates on the candidates and his supporters, he called it a blog for America.

During my middle school and high school years, I always used to go to the library and read a “book” I never paid attention to blogs and I didn’t like reading things from online. But when I graduated from high school, I decided I should take one year off from school!!!!. I wish I didn’t because most of my time I would spend my time at home doing nothing so I would just spend all my time on my phone to research all of nonsense which I didn’t like, but it was so addicting. So I found a web called the Webnovel, why did I like this web? Well let me tell you, its addicting and it’s something I would definitely read it has a lot of; action, comedy, reincarnation!!- really, fiction, vengence, romance, fantasy, cultivators, sci-fi,etc. And a lot more. Since then I have seen books in my room full of dusts but never thought to read them. Why? Umm, because I have my phone to read, weird novels, comics and mangas, which i already got addicted to it, so I decided to give up (maybe in my dreams) without trying.

I think since we have the technology why not use it. I know we depend on technologies but everyone has their own reasons, which most people think it as an “excuses”. I used to go to the library because it was the school library and researching for my classes made me like to read more. But reading from my phone is easier, which I don’t have to go anywhere and meet new people or waiting in a line. So blogging does matter to a lot of people who have their blogs as work and get payed, to earn living. and other


I was born in Somalia, but I grew up in Kenya. We moved to Kenya when I was one or two years old. Kenya is a country in the East of Africa, with a coastline on the Indian Ocean. I lived at the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. It is urban core. It has Nairobi national park, game reserve known for breeding endangered black rhinos, giraffes, zebras and lions. Also jumping off points for safari trips elsewhere in Kenya. But I lived in a suburb area called Eastleigh. It was founded in 1921. And it populated by Somalis who has moved from Ngara Plains. The colonial government tried to separate people by race and ethnicity, it failed due to the neighborhood stopped the practice under colonial rule. And class just become the general segregating factor afterwards. The colonial government allotted Nairobi’s residential estate by race, and Eastleigh was pointed for Asians and elite Africans who worked as clerks, shoemakers or builders. Eastleigh had a lot Asian people until Kenya got their independence in 1963. In recent years the suburbs was dominated and exclusively inhabited by Somali immigrants.

Food: most common Kenyan food stable is Ugali (cornmeal Staple). Cornmeal that has been cooked with a hot water and a little bit salt and it turns into a dense block of cornmeal paste. And you can eat it with cooked vegetable, saucy stew or spinach and cabbages.


Irio ( Mashed peas and potato mix). It’s originated as a kikuyu, an ethnic group. Both peas and potato are boiled and then mashed up before they add the corn, to give it a texture and extra starch. And you can eat it with a famous meat called nyama Choma a roasted meat or Kenyan stew.


Githeri ( beans and corn). It’s boiled beans and corn kernels and mixed with a little bit of vegetables. It’s good when you add salt, peppers, chilies, and maybe Chapati.


Nyama Choma (roasted meat). Goat and beef are the most common forms of nyama Choma, but you can also cook with fish or chicken. And it’s the pride of Kenyan food.


Chapati ( flatbread). It’s trace of origin is the influence of the Indian population. They are made of flour dough that is Celine into a coil before being rolled into a flat round circle. Then you fry the dough on a skillet, add a lot of oil on top so it becomes crispy on the edges but also remains moist and doughy on the interior.


Bajias ( French fries). The potatoes are sliced and seasoned with feed fried and the they served with Kenyan tomato salsa or hot sauce. And in Kenya they cook it as the India’s cook.


They are a lot of famous food in Kenya. I lived there for a long time but I can’t say that I know everything about Kenya. But I lived there since childhood to an adult age so all I can say that is my best moments in my life and in my memories happened Kenya.🇰🇪


JOURNAL. (Final)

By the time I was 5th grade I was used to how the instructor taught in class. They used a chalk board to write, so you had to write faster before they will erase the board because they won’t wait for you. And we used to write black pen for the headings, blue pen for the notes and answers in pencils. When you get a wrong answer for the homework they expect you to correct them again. By 6th and 7th grade i was ready for anything and I survived from my instructors. But in Africa when you get to 8th grade you have to take a test to go to the next grade. Which we all know is High School. But if you failed the test you will go back to the 8th grade and try again next year. Thank God I didn’t take the test!! I didn’t want to look to see my parents angry faces. How come i didn’t take the test?? Oh I Will tell you because my whole family was getting ready to come to America. Yeah I was surprised too, I guess no one had time to tell me anything. But I didn’t care I get to see my dad which I hadn’t seen in a long time.

My dad visited us in Kenya once or twice. I remember that I was waiting for him till midnight so that my eyes and body couldn’t take any longer. So I was happy that I was going to live with my dad and my mom was gonna stay behind with my oldest brother in Kenya. It took like 2 days and half to arrive here. We had to wait for my dad to arrive so we just stared at the people. It was shocking to see their skin color and the way they spoke. All the people I knew were black and mostly Hindi friends who were also white and some black but not that white. By the time my dad arrived I was sleepy and I couldn’t see things clearly so we all got in the car and drove home. All I could hear was happy chattering and noises that my aunts made when they saw us arrive, I saw them before but I could care less now because I was sleepy. They offered me food and milk which I didn’t like so I refused their offer. But my other siblings were trying to be nice so ate a little bit. I walked to the room who cared whose room it is, I just slept.

When we first came here it was hard to adjust to the time here. We woke early in the morning. After a month my dad decided it was time to go back to school so we took a test. I don’t know if we passed but I was at the right grade that’s all I knew. At first school wasn’t easy but you had to try. After a year I was able to understand their accents and started to communicate with other students. Specially group works which I hate the most but I had to get used to it. So you can say I tried liking my high school years and I had a lot of fun and good memories which I had to cherish for the rest of my life. After graduating I took a year off in college, started working at my first job, also deciding what I want to do in my life and questioning myself about my dreams. But sometimes dreams can be just a “dream”. And now I went back to college and just taking general classes, you can say am still deciding what my dream job is…….this is how my life went. They are some details that I didn’t mention in my writing but if I start sharing front the start to the end without missing any details. I think we will be here for a long time also “some memories cannot  be replaced” but i prefer it not tell it because it won’t be memories for me anymore.